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24 May, 2023 Skoltech Triple Point will become a venue of largest Russian startup conference - StartUp Village 2023

Skoltech Triple Point is the condition of particular heat and outside pressure when the team tends to coexist simultaneously in three states of Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship

invented by Semyon Fast, Skoltech Alumnus

Experience sharing: lectures and insights from the industry top experts
Networking: opportunity to meet industry leaders, VCs, and potential customers
Skoltech Support: PR, prototyping, operations, and legal help
Win the grand prize for the development of your project
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Leave us your email and get more information directly from the organizing team
Skoltech Triple Point challenge includes three distinct competitions — each one is targeting startups on a particular level of development:
PITCH: it is enough to have just an idea and be able to pitch it

ACCELERATE is organized for startups, which have entered (or are ready to enter) the business model validation process with an MVP version of a product.

LAUNCH is intended to support Seed-level startups, i.e., which are ready to enter the market with almost functional products and validated (at least, partly) their business model.
Pitch your startup idea in 90-sec video, get to the finals, and have a chance to win a money prize.

3 min showcase to join and accelerate with our mentors.

Solid business presentation, describing key aspects and traction.

Track #1 Energy&SGD
This year we are launching a joint track in cooperation with Gazpromneft and Spb EnergoTechHub to supporting startups in oil&gas and related industries.

Main project lines:
• Chemical technologies
• ESG (Environmental, social and corporate government) and energy transition
• Capital construction
• New production technologies
• New materials and coating technologies
• Electronics (including -micro), instrumentation and industrial technologies

See details about project lines

How to participate
We recommend to start with reading the rules of the Skoltech Triple Point challenge, checking the MIT$100K website, and watching some of their previous competitions
Explain your idea/startup in a 5-min showcase presentation (video+presentation, here is the example) about your startup for participating in LAUNCH. Test it with you comrades and rework if needed
Fill the form and wait for our reply. You have two attempts to apply: after the first tryout, we provide you the recommendations for improvement (if needed) and the next submission will be counted as the final. Have doubts? Leave us your email and get more info from the organizing team
Be selected for the finals by our external judges and be ready to pitch during the live event (5 minutes presentation + 2 minutes questions session0
Application for LAUNCH is closed!
The application form
for Track#1 LAUNCH was closed at 7 May, 2023! Wait for the results!

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Those who are strongly supporting Triple Point enterpreneural spirit and ideas
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