PITCH 2022 Winners
  • Naval Sheep
    Desktop application for optimizing marine logistics to the oil platform
    SHARC-Super Hydrophobic Anti Reflective Coatings. The project focuses on water-based self-cleaning coatings, using water in a most effective way
  • ARSY
    The ARSY project is an online platform based on augmented reality technology.
    The solution is perfect for conducting safety trainings
  • TeleMGRI
    TeleMGRI Future Telemetry is a startup developing a hardware complex for optimizing the data transmission process during oil and gas well drilling
PITCH 2021 Winners
  • NiceTry
    Remote make up testing application
  • 3D Dream
    Holographic system for the organization of interactive 3D performances
  • EVALine
    The system, based on dynamic artificial intelligence and bone conduction technology, allows to feel your partner remotely
    investigation of the characteristics of the flushing fluid during well drilling
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